Newborn Baby Blues – A Moment In Time

Well, if you’re a mother you will definitely have the initial response of “Been there,done that.” Oh the joys of having a newborn. But it’s funny how quickly we can forget. I was quickly reminded of those fond days while talking to a friend over the phone.
She simply stated “My hair is thrown up in a pony tail, I’ve got spit up on my chin, I’m holding a whiny baby, and my boobs are leaking through my shirt because I haven’t gotten a chance to pump yet this morning.” I had to laugh, and thankfully seeing it was baby number four for her, she did to.
When your in the moment, sometimes you just want to cry. And sometimes you will, I certainly have. Thankfully, I have truly found comfort with this friend. I can remember not to long ago when she was there for me. I was the one calling her, on one of those days when I was just totally overwhelmed. Now it was my turn to there for her.

As we all know or will evenually find out, it is all just a moment in time. Soon enough, it will become a distant memory.

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