The JOYS of Potty Training

We never pressured either of our son’s into using the potty. I spoke to my pediatrician and he suggested buying a seat that you placed over your actually toilet seat versus the small cute ones that have to be placed on the floor and also buying a stool. Once they are potty trained then you don’t have to then train them to go on the big potty.

I went cold turkey. Both of them were a little over two and a half. I wouldn’t suggest using pull-ups, except for naptime and bedtime. They still feel similar to diapers and just seem to confuse them.

With my first son, by suggestion from a friend, I went out and literally bought twelve pair of underwear. I started when I knew I could put quite a few days aside to work with him. I talked with him about it and made wearing big boy underwear a big deal. I think he peed in every pair the first day or two. I would regularly ask him if he had to go. It takes time initially for them to put two and two together when it comes to feeling the sensation to pee. I was lucky because I did it during the summer. I actually ended up just letting him run around naked for a few days. That was what seemed to work and stop him from peeing. Once he got the hang of it I put the underwear back on. I also started to give him a special treat every time he went. I chose gummies with my first and M&M’s with my second. They only got them when they peep or pooped on the potty. It probably took four or five days total with my first son. And I think two days with my second. I think my second son caught on quickly after seeing him big brother go and encourage him. It did take several months before they will go days without having an accident. Now, it’s just occasional and only because he just waits too long.

Another little FYI: be prepared they may have a little more trouble going poop on the potty. Both of my boys had a major constipation issue at least once. Most recently, we potty trained our second son. He did awesome with peeing but had trouble pooping. He was finally willing to go but by then he was constipated. I had to encourage him while he was on the potty. He was scared and didn’t know what to do. I mean it was RIGHT THERE! I can remember saying “you can do it. Just poop and we will bring you for ice cream!!!” He seriously loves ice cream. It did work after all but it hurt. Poor thing. Now 2 months later he still says, “I poop, I get ice cream!” We had to give him a small dose of miralax to prevent him from getting constipation for awhile. Just talk to your pediatrician and see what they suggest to help.

Be patient and encouraging. It takes time. GOOD LUCK!!!

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