Going GREEN – Solutions to Plastic Bags

Product Review – Reusablebags.com

I’m not sure what it was exactly that sparked my interest it finding more “GREEN” products. But the more I thought about it the more I realized how much plastic we were using in our houshold. To start we get around 10-15 grocery bags on average a week. I will say we at least would reuse them for something else but evenually they would just get thrown away. On top of that, we used several sandwich and snacks bags through out the week between our three children. After they were used they would be thrown out, some looking barely used.

After I truly stopped to think about it all I knew we needed to make a change. I purchased 10 reusable shopping bags from our local Wegman’s. Many say they are expensive. Yes, that can be true depending on where you buy them. I purchased mine for less than a dollar each.

I actually found a wesite called ReusableBags through my travels of online searching for reusable shopping bags. What I found was way more than I could have imagined. They have so many great products that offer green solutions for every families needs.

I have purchased several reusable snack bags and sandwich bags from reusablebags.com. I love them. They are washer and dishwasher safe. Made of organic cotton and recyled paper. Believe it or not they are also made in the USA!!!

A few more great products they offer are: reusable lunch bags, bottles, food containers, & utensils.

Kuddos to reusablebags.com

They are a excellent example of a company doing there best to save the earth!

For more information Click on the link above. (The Post Title)

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2 Responses to Going GREEN – Solutions to Plastic Bags

  1. candiacrew says:

    Hi from SITS. I have so many reusable grocery bags but I always end up forgetting them when I go to the store. Reusable lunch bags intrigue me though.

  2. Staci says:

    We love the reusable lunch bags we have, but I need to pick up a few more. I'll have to check out their site. Thanks!

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