Tales of a Breastfeeding Momma – Seriously, Am I Milking a Cow?!

The hardest part about having a child for me was breastfeeding. I give every mother so much credit for doing this. Society puts so much pressure on us to breastfeed. It’s the most time consuming and difficult thing I have come across when it comes to having a baby. Some mothers at the gymboree class I go to are still breast feeding at 11 months. I myself couldn’t take it after 3 months. Plus my rule of thumb is as soon as they get teeth, no more boob!!! Can you imagine those little razors on your boob – ouch!!! The expression seems to be that breast milk is like “gold” and I did savor every drop that I could for Isabella. I wish I could have done it longer but I was seriously about to lose it.

It was a never ending cycle of feeding, pumping, storing, freezing, and then back to pumping all over again. Not to mention the pain that you have when you can’t find a place to pump or to release the milk. The first two weeks I thought my nipples were going to fall off from being so raw. And yes, they have creams for that but what they don’t tell you is that the cream stains your clothes. I felt like a cow being milked every three hours. Now that I am going to have my second child I am asking god to give me the strength to breast feed for at least 2 weeks. My daughter will surely think I am milking a cow when she sees me pumping. How fun will that be when she rips the pump out of my hand and the “gold” spills all over. Anyway, I give many props to all the women out there who are dedicated breastfeeding mommies.

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1 Response to Tales of a Breastfeeding Momma – Seriously, Am I Milking a Cow?!

  1. kara says:

    hahahha.. i love these. landon loves my pump. he put it up to his chest the other day and said "pumping my boobies!" … and as for the the "rips the pump out of my hand and the gold spills all over" comment – landon did that yesterday 🙂

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