I Love Being a Mom and Staying Home, Most of the Time

Most of the time I am happy and feel blessed for having a husband and three girls. But then three days before my period, all hell breaks loose. I then for a short time hate the responsibility of being a mother and a wife.

Put it this way. The phone rings and of course I answer it. At the same time, my three year old is having a temper tantrum because I made her get dressed after being naked all day long. Not to mention, my six year old is picking on the three year old, while also hitting her older sister. Oh, it gets even better. My oldest who is nine, tells me she hates her sister and also tells me to “get off the phone!” To make it worse, my husband is sitting on the couch watching all of this happen and decides to go up stairs to take a shower. Mind you I have been dirty all day. I tell ya, give me a valium or a vacation. Honestly, I do love being a mom the majority of the time. But I do have my days….

Guest Blog Post Submitted by Kristen, NY

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