Keeping the Spark Alive – The Truth About Sex & A Little Bit of Humor

I think it’s hard sometimes because we all get so wrapped up in our children and everyday things that we forget about each other. I will be the first one to admit that most nights I am exhausted and I would rather relax on the couch than have sex. I have finally made my husband understand that trying to get me in the mood at 9:30 at night just isn’t the best time.   Well, at least most of the time.  Honestly I think he feels the same way, at least sometimes. Oh and maybe he could also try to be a little more sensual instead of just coming up behind me and grabbing my boobs while having a piece of sausage probing into my back.  LOL!!!   There are both a physical and an emotional/mental aspect to sex and getting in the mood for women.  For men it’s pretty much mainly physical.  I have found that men can easily shut off what has happened throughout the day and any thoughts or worries they may be having.  It’s just not that easy for women. Sometimes is hard to let go.  But it will make a difference if we can. 
You have to make the time and effort or it will never happen. Most of the time for us, it works best while the kids are napping. Although, that is getting a little harder now that our 5 year old barely takes a daily nap.  I will admit to putting on a show for the kids and trying to sneak upstairs.  You have to try to keep the spark alive. Even when your not in the mood, just try it. You might just change your mind, instead of just lying there thinking “Just get this over with already!”  Please, don’t tell me you have never thought that!!!  If you haven’t, your superwoman.

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