Finding Time for "YOU" Is Essential

After discussing the challenge of Motherhood with other mothers, one common topic in particular was
“How do you find time for yourself?”   The general consensus was that although it can be hard at times, it is very important and needs not to be put aside.”

Here are just a few responses from “REAL MOMS” on the challenge to get and allow themselves “ME TIME.”  Along with some ways the have found to do just that.

        It is very easy to forget about your own needs and put yourself last. Whether you work all day outside your home or stay at home, finding time for yourself is essential. Many mothers may feel guilty when they actually do something for themselves, but allowing yourself “me time” is the key to staying sane and grounded.

        I find time for myself mostly when my son is sleeping, either at naptime after bedtime. We put him to bed at 8pm every night. I get on the computer and look at e-mail, take a bath, or watch some of my favorite shows on TV.

       After I put my kids to bed I lock myself in the bathroom for 30-45 minutes. I soak in a hot bubble bath and read a book. It is about the only time I get alone and even my husband respects that time. If one of the kids are still awake he takes care of them so I still get my time alone. I think that is the only real thing that keeps me sane.

        You have to make the time or you will never get it. Planning a weekend day or even a weeknight to go out to dinner with your girlfriends is a good way to get away from the house.

       At times I feel frumby and in a way like I have lost myself. When you have children sometimes you can forget about “you.” I have realized that taking care of myself and taking time to look good makes me a better mom and wife. Even if you are a stay at home mom, you still need to take time for yourself. Yeah, wearing sweats and a t-shirt sometimes is okay. But, getting yourself really dressed and doing something with your hair most days can make a difference. Even just a little mascara and lipstick can go a long way.

Mommy guilt is really the worst. I feel guilty when I spend less time with the kids and get house work done. But I feel guilty or stressed when I let the house go. It’s just a balancing act and you have to realize that part of that balance is putting real time aside for yourself too.

I enjoy being with my kids and husband but I do need to get away. Whether it is by myself, with friends, or even a night out with my husband. I feel refreshed and am ready to tackle the everyday things once again. I am more at ease and definitely more patient.

I have realized that finding time for myself is necessary to replenish my mind, body, and soul. In turn, it makes me a better person, mom, and wife. I know I still tend to put me on the back burner more often than not but I realize more and more that time for me is truly important.

       Taking time for yourself is so important. I too feel the mommy guilt at times, especially when I end up having to work longer hours outside my home. I feel like I can’t take any time for myself. I realized that is a big mistake. I started giving myself mommy time by simple just going for a walk. It allows me to get away for a little while and I’m getting out and being active too. It’s perfect for me and I am still close to home. It’s not just me though because I bring my daughter. But she loves taking a ride in her stroller and is hanny and content. I can walk for miles and she doesn’t make a peep.

       I get a lot of “Me Time,” and I have my husband to thank for that. We work together and help each other with everything.   This allows both of us to have more time to do what we want. I also have to say with a great big smile, that my husband pampers me a lot with a back and foot rub.   I know I am lucky!! It is so important to try not to lose yourself in parenting.  It can be hard to seperate yourself as person and mommy at the same time. If you happen to be a single parent I would suggest doing something that you like to do when you put your kid down for a nap/bed instead of just more stuff that has to be. The world will not end if that load of laundry or dishes don’t get done right away.

       After my kids are asleep I relax on the couch and read a book while my husband works on his own things.I also like to do my own at home “spa treatment.” I take a bath using either lavendar oils or just use the kids’ relaxing bedtime bath. It’s very soothing and relaxing.

How do you find time for just “YOU?”

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