(Update) New Info on (H1N1) Swine Flu Vaccine

New Info on (H1N1) Swine Flu  

I had to bring my oldest son (Roo) to the doctor today.  We were the last appointment which was nice because I was able to discuss a few things that have been on my mind.  
Most importantly the Swine (H1N1) Flu.  I posted some information regarding the swine flu about a week ago.  I was a bit undecided to whether or not my family should get it.  As I have said I believe I have the best Pediatrician ever and truly trust his judgement.  After discussing it with him,  I have made my final decision.  So what is it:
my entire family (parents &children) will be getting the vaccination.
Here are a few key points to which helped me make my decision.  
1) the vaccination has pretty much the same ingredients as the regular flu vaccination, except it is obviously a new virus strain.  Even the regular flu vaccine changes slightly every year.  So we really aren’t guniea pigs. 

2)  Yes, it is true that many people die of the regular flu each year.  It’s just not publicize and in the media spotlight.

 The reason they are so concerned with the swine flu is because it is a new virus exposed to humans.  None of us have build up any type of antibodies or immunity to it.  So it is likely to effect more of our population, with the potential of killing many more people.  That is where the concern of a pandemic is coming from.  Our planet as a whole is so much more populated and there is an increased means of transportation.   Thus, allows many more people to travel to other country’s.  In turn,  making it a even greater chance of spreading the virus to a larger range of people. 

3)  Those who are at highest risk are young children and pregnant women

4) The highest morbidity rate currently is women in their 20’s and 30’s.

I can understand how so many people are hesitant.  They is so much information out there, some true and some not.  For me I am making the decision to vaccinate because I have always given my children the regular flu vaccine.  They have never gotten the flu nor had any bad reaction to any vaccinations.  I’m sure if we did research to look into all the vaccines our children get, people would bring up concern regarding them.  I can remember when my second son (Pooh) was a newborn, the liquid vaccine for roto virus came out.  Was there a public uproar about that, or we all just go along with it for the most part?   I think because there is so much media attention and many opinions vs facts out there, many people are nervous and unsure.   There will always be people out there who cause controversy and doubt.  In the end many of the vaccines our children receive have prevented pandemics from years ago from resurfacing.  

In the end everyone is entitled to their own opinions and their own decisions.  My concern is that some of us aren’t getting the correct information.  Who knows maybe I will find that the information I received doesn’t pan out to be true.  But I truly do believe that the medical staff I have discussed my concerns with are very well educated and wouldn’t stear me in the wrong direction. We all make the best choices for our families.  Not everyone will agree.  I just hope for everyone sake, this virus doesn’t end up being the worst case scenerio. 

If you missed my first post about the swine flu, check it out under – To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate – That is the back to School Question.  Just click the link below. 


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3 Responses to (Update) New Info on (H1N1) Swine Flu Vaccine

  1. Young Momma says:

    Thanks for the update!!! So, get this. I went to the Dr. for a regular appointment (which isnt always so regular with me) and he asked me if I wanted to get my flu shot that day. So, of course I go on and say suuuuuure why not? I ask about the H1N1 and he says it isn't even out yet and may not ever come out!!! Did your doc tell you the same thing???

  2. Simply Mommy says:

    Our pediatrician said it isn't out yet but they were expecting it the beginning to mid of October. I will be sure to let you know, if O find out more.

  3. Lori says:

    Hi! I posted this resource in your previous blog, but I'll put it here too just in case anyone is here and is worried if their child or they have swine h1n1 flu. It is a h1n1 swine flu response center and in addition to great information it also offers a swine flu self assessment test that you can take to determine if you may have the h1n1 virus. I hope all of can use the great information we find within our blogging communities to help us make the best informed decisions possible. https://h1n1.cloudapp.net/Default.aspx

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