Tuesday Tip of the Week

Every Tuesday There will Be a New Tip,
There will be a new topic each month

This Month’s topic:
General Advice/Tips for the New Mom

Take things day by day and be flexible.

A schedule is great and it will come. Try not to be too strict but also not too lax. Find a happy medium. But don’t expect it right away. It may take a few months.

I can’t stress this enough. Let your husband or significant other help and let him figure things out his way. Even if it’s not exactly how you would do it. As a mom you may think you know best and maybe you do. But try not to jump in or take over and say “I’ll do it.” If he asks for help them of course help him. Just don’t hover over him. My husband does have his own way of doing things sometimes. Even if it seems like it takes longer, I let him do it. Of course, if it’s something that may harm the baby by all means say something. But quite frankly usually it isn’t. You have to let go. I figured out that walking away and letting him do it worked best sometimes. I am so grateful I’ve allowed my husband to do so because he truly helps out with everything. I believe that’s the way it should be.

Realize at times you will not know what to do and you will make mistakes. That’s okay. You aren’t perfect and you certainly aren’t a terrible mother. (Although, you may feel that way sometimes) Parenting is full of surprises. It is a constant learning process.

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