April Showers Blog Design – The BEST & MOST ORIGINAL Blog Designer


If you have never heard of her she is by far one of the best and most original blog designers ever!!!
She does AMAZING work and I can’t wait until she redesigns Simply Modern Mommyhood!!!  Which should take place within the next 2 weeks so be one the look out for a NEW, much IMPROVED, and ONE OF A KIND design!!!!!
She also has some REALLY GREAT NEWS she shared yesterday. Here is her post:


Yes, it is that time. Time for the most astoundingly awesomely amazingly wonderful announcement EVER!

Many of you know that my waiting list for blog designs grew quickly. *Clint Eastwood voice* Too quickly. Scrolling off into the dusty distance…no end in sight. They’ve been waiting for so long…*cue dusty windstorm*…wondering when their name will make its way to the top. Their blogs so barren and boring…for all this time…I’ve tried to feed them, give them shelter, clothe them, give them water…but there’s just so many poor hopeless souls…I can’t do it alone. *cue tumbleweed*
Then…through the dust storm, off in the distance…comes the second hottest chick I’ve ever seen. Or possibly tied with me for first – not sure yet (it’s too dusty)….Her name is Jessica, and she says she can help me.

“Hi! My name is Jessica, I am 18 years old and currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. I have a lot on my plate with work and school, but designing is my passion and that is what I love to spend my free time doing.”
That’s great. But are you a GOOD designer? I’ve had others ask me the same question, and many have wanted to help with my designs. But sadly either the work wasn’t as good as I’d like, or they didn’t have the right software. So upon further investigation of her work, I found it hard to believe that this 18 year old could produce such awesome designs and was so skilled in Photoshop. In fear that if I DIDN’T hire her as an apprentice “affiliate designer” I may have some serious competition – I took the opportunity right away. Since I have a large client list, and more rolling in every day, we felt it would be good exposure for her as an up-and-coming designer, and a good way to build her portfolio – and of course a great benefit to me as she helps me reach deadlines! We are going to be working together for the next three months! By the photos you can tell we have a lot in common…we’re both totally cheesy/nerdy/awesome/hot.
Not gonna lie, in just the week or so that we’ve been working together we’ve managed to actually TEACH each other stuff!!! It has been really amazing. Plus, it’s great to have a “fresh” eye. I felt like my designs were getting less and less original by the minute. But with a new person, and TWO AWESOME DESIGNERS working on all these layouts and projects, we’re unstoppable! Mwah ha!
Jessica Says: I am so excited to be working with April! She has such an awesome sense of humor and we have a LOT in common! I’m sure we’ll make a kick A design duo and whip out some spectacular designs!


Click the Link below to check out April Showers Blog Design


Tell your friends! Post this announcement on your blog THIS WEEK ONLY for 50% off anything we offer!

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