Friday Favorites – Aquaphor

A Little Something New!!!
Friday Favorites
Each Friday I will post a new “MUST HAVE” product.

They will be products that make my life easier, have truly been life savers, or simply products I absolutely LOVE and can’t live without.  There will be a variety of products ranging from baby products, to household products, crafts, and maybe even products just for mommy herself.  I do still love beauty products, clothes, and shoes ya know!!! 
Today’s Product:

This product is on the list of products I can’t live without for my children.
It works wonders for chaffed skin!  I took Monster Mash’s binky away very early, I think at about 6 months old.  All was fine until he turned one and started getting teeth.  He started to chew on his blanket and almost use it as a pacifier.  YUCK, I know.  So due to the blanket getting wet from his saliva (again GROSS), sometimes his chin will get chaffed.  Aquaphor heals it within a day or two.  Better than any other product I have tried.  It works great for chaffed skin on my children’s cheeks during the winter and chapped lips.  I like it better than chapstick.  Aquaphor can also be used to help heal and prevent diaper rashes (but I have different product for that) and help heal eczema.  

Aquaphor Healing Ointment protects skin to help enhance the natural healing process. It is free of fragrances and preservatives.  This product is gentle, non-irritating, and is highly recommended by both pediatricians and dermatologists.

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2 Responses to Friday Favorites – Aquaphor

  1. Evonne says:

    Both of my kids have eczema. This is one of the products I've used on them and it really does work wonders!!

  2. Widge says:

    liking your blog! just popped over from SITS.

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