Dr. Oz and His Take on Loss of Libido in Women, Don’t Miss It!!!

I am a huge fan of Oprah and thats where I came across Dr. Oz.  He is a very well known doctor and health expert from New York.  He specializes in cardiovascular health.  He now has his own show at 11am eastern on NBC.  For more information on Dr. Oz, you can visit http://www.doctoroz.com/meet-experts

Yesterday’s show featured a great topic.  Dr. Oz  says “Women over 30 are suffering a Sexual Crisis: Loss of Libido.”  (More specifically women over 35.)

Just a couple statisitics for you:

The # 1 sexual problem in women over 35 is loss of libido
One third, that is 33% , of women ages 30-50 complain they have lost interest in sex

According to Dr. Oz, women should have good sex lives well into thier 70’s. Having a satisfying sex life is key to women living longer and feeling great.
He also stated that our libidos, unlike men, are very complicated and dependent on many factors.  SURPRISE!!!

Let’s face it, unfortunately it’s true.  Many women my age and older have admitted that sex has taken a back seat.  By the end of the day they are just too tired and uninterested. 

Dr. Oz along with leading sex expert,
Dr. Laura Berman,
discussed the 5 causes of Loss of Libido and what we as women can do to REVIVE IT.

#1 Hormones: Estrogen & Testosterone
Have you levels checked
Specifically Testosterone, the hormone responsible for desire and arousal.
As women age their bodies produce less.

# 2 Stress
Women tend to put everyone and everything ahead of themselves.
By the end of the day, some women are mentally and physically exhausted.
You MUST start to delegate, make time for yourself, and exercise.

# 3 Depression/Anxiety/Struggle With Body Image
Seek Treatment
If you are depresses you will have a decrease desire for sex.  If you are on antidepressants/antianxiety medication some have a side effect of decreased libido. 

We need to Retrain Our Way of Thinking
According to Dr. Oz and Dr. Berman, men don’t really look at or see the bags and bulges we are paranoid about.  Well, that is if we aren’t regularly pointing them out.  As Dr. Berman says “Throw out the fashion magazines with the unrealistic images.” Maybe even take a fun sexy dance/cardio class that gets you reconnected with your body.

#4 Pain During Sex
See a Doctor and Seek Treatment
Pain during sex is considered a medical issue and should be dealt with. Vaginal dryness should also be treated.

#5 Relationship
Seek Relationship Counseling – The Earlier the better
Do so before your relationship really starts to fall apart, your on the verge of divorce, or some has cheated.

I truly hopes this helps women open their eyes
 and realize first and foremost
 we need to take care of ourselves!
  We need to put ourselves first,
 in order to live happy healthy lives. 
 And who wouldn’t enjoy a
better improved sex life along with it!!!
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4 Responses to Dr. Oz and His Take on Loss of Libido in Women, Don’t Miss It!!!

  1. Tootsie says:

    what a great post…I hope all the women read this!

  2. I need to find out how to 'fix' it!! I have alot of desire, wants and needs, but can't seem to have a climax!!!

  3. Ann says:

    Good post! So many people I know put their kids all the way first…makes for total unbalance with themselves and the relationships with the husbands!

  4. Shelly says:

    It started out with being tired when my son was born (I was 35). I think now that I'm just uninterested in the person I'm supposed to be "doing it" with. A little help with daily routines and I'm sure I could snap out of it:) It's his move.

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