Parents for Window Blind Safety

Do you have window blinds in your home? 

If so, are they cordless or do they have cords that happen to be dangling down?

So why am I asking such a question?

I recently came across an article that caught my attention.  It was about an organization called:
Parents for Window Blind Safety
In 2002 the Kaiser family lost their 1 year old little girl from strangulation on a window blind cord.  (The cord was tied up by she still was able to reach the inner cord.)  I can’t even imagine this families’ devastation!!!  While dealing with their loss, many other families who have lost a child the same way, contacted the Kaiser’s.  As a result the Kaiser family founded Parents For Window Blind Safety, a non profit organization that is working hard to raise awareness of the danger corded window treatements pose on children.
Their research:
has revealed that a child dies every 2 weeks from strangulation on corded window treatments, the oldest being 12 years of age. These corded window treatments include, window blinds, Mini blinds, Venetian blinds, roman shades, cellular shades, corded roll up shades and vertical blinds.

Most Americans are not aware of the 8 ways a child can strangle on a window blind, mini blind or Venetian blind cord. Most Americans are also not aware that so many children have died since the 2000 retrofit recall.

For detailed information on the 8 ways a child can be strangled on corded window Treatments:

Their Purpose:
To educate consumers and parents that CORDS KILL KIDS, to ONLY use cordless window coverings in homes, daycares, military housing, and apartments.
Assist in correcting the manufacturing defects which have resulted in the deaths of children.
Serve as a database resource to legislators, attorneys, and others who are working to prevent this tragedy from happening to others.
Form a support group for all families who have lost their children.
Find the 51% of the families that have not reported the deaths of their children to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
To push for safer standards in the industry
To test window coverings for safety

I now support Parents For Window Blind Safety.

Please help spread the message today – Take down your corded window coverings!
It could save a child’s life!!! 

For more additional information and how you can help:

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about window blind safety to other parents!Best regards,Esther SteinfeldBlinds.comPublic Relations Manager

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