Wordful Wednesday- Motherhood Edition

Wordful Wednesday- Motherhood Edition
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This week the prompt is: MOTHERHOOD. Let’s see it in all its beautiful forms.
Motherhood At It’s Best
Pregnancy is just the start of your journey!  Wondering if it’s a girl or boy.  Having thoughts of who your baby will look like.  Feeling your baby move all around inside your belly.  Waiting for the day the foot that has been permanently stuck in your ribcage, will finally be free. For me, I absolutely love this part.  Knowing your growing a life, a little person inside you.  Amazing!!! 
Giving birth to your child is a true defining moment of motherhood.  Seeing your child for the first time is priceless. Although I can’t promise it will go as you have planned!
Getting to know your child and bonding with them is like no other.  Even if they do keep you up all night.  Somehow, you always forget those moments.  At least I do, according to my husband.  Being a mother is more than I could ever had imagined.  It is the true definition of unconditional love.

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6 Responses to Wordful Wednesday- Motherhood Edition

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes it is. I love the saying, "it is the hardest job you will ever love," because it is so true and so fitting.

  2. blueviolet says:

    The last photo is such a tender and sweet moment.

  3. So sweet and so true. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kathleen W. says:

    You're so right. And those photos are gorgeous.

  5. You looked so lovely pregnant!

  6. Kacey R. says:

    What a great post. And you are so right – unconditional love. That is what it is.

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