Blogger’s Unite – Fight for Preemies Giveaway

Blogger’s Unite 
Fight for Preemies Giveaway

Chance to Win $50 Gift Card to

My neice was born 10 weeks early 5 years ago. Up until then I never knew anyone who actually had a premature baby. What a long hard road both the parents and baby have to go through. My neice was a fighter and is now a thriving 5 year old. No parent should have to witness such a heart wrenching, helpless experience. Nor should any baby ever have to endure such a difficult fight, especially right out of the womb.

Every year, 20 million babies are born too soon, too small and very sick. 

 Half a million of them live in the United States.
November 17 is when we fight.
Give all babies a healthy start in life. is a social awareness initiative, supported by 200,000 members.  They have recently partnered up with March of Dimes to help promote global awareness of the need to prevent premature births.

The March of Dimes invites bloggers like you to get involved.
 The campaign, BloggersUnite: Fight For Preemies, asks bloggers from all over the world to post on November 17 – Prematurity Awareness Day – on behalf of the more than 13 million babies that are born too soon each year worldwide. Collectively, their posts will reach millions of people all over the world during November, Prematurity Awareness Month.

To Enter the Giveaway:
 Become a follower and/or Subscriber and leave a comment below.
For 5 Extra ENTRIES do the following below & leave a comment letting my know you have done so:**We recently changed our domain and lost some of you who have subscribed in the past.  So make sure you still are a subscriber and let me know below.  If you are already, great! It gives you entry right away!** Thanks for your support!
Post this giveaway on your blog or website, please leave a link to post.
Put a badge on your blog during the month of November, Prematurity Awareness (March of Dimes, Bloggers Unite)
Raise Money or Donate to help support March of Dimes
For one more additional entry each do the following:
Follow me on twitter simply_mommy
Email a friend about this giveaway and CC
Become a friend on Facebook, Nicole Proscio Laws
Follow me through Networked Blogs, simplymommy
Tweet about the March of Dimes (@marchofdimes) on Twitter
Follow the March of Dimes on Facebook
Raise Money or Donate to help support March of Dimes
That’s a total of 28 entires!!!
Thank you for Supporting such a important cause!!!
We need to fight ― because babies shouldn’t have to!
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43 Responses to Blogger’s Unite – Fight for Preemies Giveaway

  1. Corrie Howe says:

    What a great campaign! Can't wait to see all the support start spreading across blogland.

  2. Aquaheart says:

    I love this!My baby was preemie :)I am following your amazing blog♥

  3. Aquaheart says:

    I am following you on twitter :)♥twitter name: aquaheart

  4. Aquaheart says:

    I joined the bloggers Unite, Fight for Preemies Event :)♥

  5. Aquaheart says:

    I have a badge also on my♥

  6. Tara says:

    I am a follower of your blog via google friend connectI am a Fight for Preemies advocate as well. My little one was born 5 weeks early and was very sick. We almost lost her. Yesterday she celebrated her 5th birthday. We are blessed. Thanks for helping support this great cause.

  7. Tara says:

    I already have a badge on my blog. see it here:

  8. Tara says:

    I raise money twice a year for Preemie Babies. This year so far over $300.

  9. Tara says:

    I follow March of Dimes on Facebook

  10. Tara says:

    I helped raise money with a online bracelet and walk a thon.

  11. Tara says:

    I posted this on my Facebook

  12. Tara says:

    I requested you as a friend on facebook

  13. Andrea says:

    I am a blog follower.

  14. Andrea says:

    I have the Preemie button on my sidebar.www.moodymamasays.comI am the mom of two preemies. One was 8 weeks early and one was 13 weeks early.

  15. Andrea says:

    I joined the Blogger's Unite campaign a while ago.

  16. Chacoy says:

    I united a while ago. I follow Modern Style Mama, My son was born at 28 weeks, I have a post about it on my blog, and I have the MOD button on my blog also. You can check it out here:

  17. Jessca says:

    I am a follower nowwhat a great cause

  18. Anonymous says:

    I'm a subscriber! Love the blog–it reminds me of the summer I spent taking care of premature triplets :)Sarahuntenuredteacher at yahoo dot com

  19. Anonymous says:

    I follow March of Dimes on Facebook! (username Sarah Bee)Sarahuntenuredteacher at yahoo dot com

  20. My friends daughter was 1 lb when she was born. I got to hold her when she was 2 lbs. what a life changing experience! Good for you at supporting march of dimes ( she was an ambassador one year for a parade!!) wonderful!!

  21. Following you on twitter!!

  22. Deb K says:

    I am a new follower of your Blog with Google{Deb K}deb55106{at}gmail{dot}com

  23. Deb K says:

    I Signed up for the Bloggers Unite, Fight for Preemies event!{MnLady}deb55106{at}gmail{dot}com

  24. Deb K says:

    I follow you on TwitterDeb55106deb55106{at}gmail{dot}com

  25. Heather says:

    This is a wonderful cause to support, and I have added a button to my own blog. Premature babies face so many difficulties, even past being released from the hospital, and it's important that they receive the care they

  26. Heather says:

    Forgot to add my email:herberkids3(at)yahoo(dot)come

  27. MoDLin says:

    Thank you so much for helping to spread the word! Let's all put up our dukes and fight for preemies! I look forward to reading your post on the 17th.

  28. I am following your blog. :)When I was pregnant, I knew a girl who was due at the same time as me. She had her daughter at 23 weeks and couldn't hold her for so long. It was hearbreaking.

  29. Candy says:

    What a great cause! My sister had a baby 10 weeks premature so the issue hits close to home! I am a google follower 🙂

  30. coliebear says:

    I am already a subscriber. March of Dimes is an amazing organization and our family participates in their trike a thon every

  31. MoDBev says:

    Thank you SO much for posting about our Fight for Preemies event AND the raffle!!! You are terrific!!!!!

  32. biff_erin says:

    I signed up for your blog and can't wait to be part of the support, too. Good luck.

  33. biff_erin says:

    I double checked that I follow your blog.

  34. Angela A. says:

    Great cause! Keep up the good work!

  35. Erica says:

    i am a followeriamtheluckiest3 at yahoo dot com

  36. i love this giveaway i'm folowing ur blog i was also a premuture as a baby me and my twin sister were born in september and were not supose to be born untill the

  37. Chacoy says:

    WOW!!! you are a saint for raising awareness:) My son was born at 28 weeks and weighed 2lbs. 4.5oz. I have a UNITE button on my blog, I have blogged about it and have joined in the fight for tomorrow:) My followers, family, and friends will all be blogging,or donating in honor of my Miracle and the other Miracles to find a cure for this! *Fingers Crossed* that we find a cure in my lifetime;)BTW I follow and subscribe:)

  38. vanessa h says:

    My nephew was a premie. My neice pressure went up and they had to go ahead and take the baby. So far is doing great. Great cause!hubhop@bellsouth(dot)net

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