Friday favorites: The Amazing Miracle Blanket

This blanket is by far the very best
swaddled blanket ever!!!

 It was truly a miracle for me.  A cousin of mine and I had our first child only a few months apart.  Her daughter had colic and my son had reflux.  My son would never sleep for long, and always broke out of the swaddle blanket I put him in.  Until my cousin introduced me to the MIRACLE BLANKET.  It truly did help my son stay wrapped and asleep longer.  It is like no other.  I literally was able to keep him wrapped until he was 8 months old.  If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. 
I looks a bit intimadating at first but it’s easy to get the hang of it. And it comes with step by step instructions. 

Stops Colic – GUARANTEED!
Helps Fussy Babies Sleep Great!
Helps Ease Fussiness For ANY Baby!
Aids In Preventing Facial Scratches!
100% High Quality Cotton 
Helps Babies Sleep Better On Their Backs!
Helps Stop Twitches That Wake Your Baby!
Makes Breast Feeding Easier! One Size Fits All Up to Four Months
It comes in a variety of colors from your basic pink and blue, to different color trim, and even pink/blue camoflauge.


10% off
15% off 2 of More
Try It Out Today, You Won’t Be Disappointed!!! 

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1 Response to Friday favorites: The Amazing Miracle Blanket

  1. Mike Gatten says:

    Hello, please pardon the intrusion. I’m Mike Gatten, inventor of Miracle Blanket. Your blog was brought to my attention because of your mention of the Miracle Blanket. I can’t thank you and others enough for helping us spread the word because people just don’t believe us when we tell them it might be “this easy.” That's why word-of-mouth has been the biggest source of growth for us since day one.To show our gratitude I'd like to send you a free Miracle Blanket. If you don’t need it for yourself you might give it as a gift or maybe a giveaway on your blog. Please contact Susan in Marketing and let her know what color you would like. or (214) 675.0539.And again, thank you very much.Mike

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