The BitterSweet End to Jon & Kate Plus 8

Well I was going to write my regular Tuesday Tip of the day.  But then I watched the SERIES FINALE of Jon & Kate Plus 8. 
I have been a fan for quite a long time.  Many have been judgemental of Kate but I have been one to defend her.  Do I think she has made all the right decisions? Not exactly but she isn’t perfect nor am I.  Do I think she may have been a little to hard on Jon on occasion? Probably, but I have been there before.  PLEASE, don’t act like you haven’t.  We just don’t have it on camera to show the world. 
I stand by Kate and believe she has done one hell of a good job.  Hello people, she has 8 kids!!!  And Jon needed to be put into line sometimes.  He was pretty childish at times.  And there is no defending him.  I’m sorry but he acts like he was this little boy who couldn’t stick up for himself and Kate just tore him apart.  PLEASE!!!  I believe there are many men out there just like him.  Some may be way worse, and some better.  But typically at the end of the day, the mothers wear more hats than fathers do.  It’s just in us.  I find it to be very sad that fathers can pick up and leave without thinking twice.  Well, maybe they do but the leave anyway. 
Every marriage is tested when children come into the pictures, in more ways than one.  Some chose to take the easy way out.  So know Kate is there, left to pick up the pieces. And now he get to chose when he wants to be a father.
The whole I got married at 22, had twins at 23 and sextuplets at 27. He didn’t get a chance to be young and basically have fun and do what he wanted to do with no concerns or responsibilites. Are you kidding me.  He acted like an 18 year old who got his girlfriend pregnant by mistake.  It’s was just pitiful in my opinion.  He did in a way take responsibility for his recent actions but was still rediulously fake about it.  I’m not saying having 8 kids isn’t stressful on you as a person and on your marriage because it absolutely can be.  Unfortunately he chose to take the easy way out and run away.  Someday he will realize what he has done and I truly believe he will regret it.  He just seems to still have a lot of anger and recentment and for what?   
I do believe it probably was best to end the show.  But it will miss it.  I will miss the cute little children for sure.  But what I will miss the most in the raw footage of what life is truly like with children.  The little things.  And although I don’t have 8 children I could completely relate to Kate.  Her moments of joy and her feelings of frustration and being overwhlemed.  They will be missed and I wish their family nothing but the very best.

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1 Response to The BitterSweet End to Jon & Kate Plus 8

  1. My husband and I just couldn't get into that show-he had a good point,"Why would we want to watch a couple take their kids to the park. That's what we do everyday.":)

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