This Was My "SIGN" and It Has Changed My Life Forever

It’s Thursday once again.
Do you know what time it is?
Writer’s Workshop Courtsey of Mama Kat from
Prompt #2 If you were the type to believe in “signs,” describe a “sign” you have received from someone. (Inspired by Matt’s post, About An Hour Ago…)

I am totally with Mama Kat on this one.  I absolutely believe in “SIGNS,” and sometimes to the point in freaks me out a little.  But most of the time it’s reassuring.  I believe things happen for a reason, a purpose. 

Well I have touched on this is little bit before.  I married my high school sweetheart at age 23.  We had been together for 10 years.  Yes I did say 10 years, well technically we weren’t together for one year somewhere in between.  I met him when I was 13.  My parents got divorced and I spent a lot of time at his parents house  very early on. My in laws were basically like another set of parents.  And although my father is still alive, I had a closer relationship with my father in law.  It was like I was his little girl seeing he had 3 boys.  He was always loving and  regularly teased me.    

Well right after we got married we started trying to have our first baby.  Well what comes easy for some couples wasn’t for us.  We tried for 14 long months will no success.     

My father-in-law had to go out of town on business.  Unfortunately he never came home. He had died! Not from a heart attack or even a car accident. It was worse in my opinion. He had trouble swallowing a peice of food.   He had walk out of the restaurant, where no one could help him. I’m sure because he didn’t want to be embarrassed and assumed he could cough it up on his own.

I was devastating. I can see my husband’s despair and deep sadness as if happened yesterday.
What happen next was the first major “sign” and most life altering I can remember. 

 Prior to his funeral I had a dream with my father-in-law in it. We were sitting at the kitchen table and he was holding and patting my hand. With no words spoken I could feel him saying everything was going to be okay.
 After the calling hours I called my sister sobbing. “I didn’t want it to happen this way. It’s not fair!!!” “What do you mean?” she asked. I knew I was pregnant, I could just feel it.
And just a few short weeks later, we found out I was very much correct. As one life ended another one began, to the exact day. As my father-in-law was passing, our sweet little baby was conceived. What a whirlwind of emotions.
Nine months later, our sweet little baby BOY was born. We didn’t know the baby was a by but I had a very overwhelming feeling it was a boy.  Amazing! What is even more unbelievable is that though our son looks a lot like my husband, he looks even more like his grandpa. I’m not kidding. My husband and I have dark brown hair and eyes. Our son has a lighter shade of brown hair, blue eyes just like his grandpa, his body shape and I swear his feet. I have never had trouble conceiving again.
This was my “sign” and it has changed my life forever.  I still get this little feeling I can’t quite explain.  A feeling that he is here with us.  It may be a bit weird for some, but it is a very reassuring warm feeling.  I truly miss him but am thankful everyday he gave me life’s most precious gift.

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4 Responses to This Was My "SIGN" and It Has Changed My Life Forever

  1. Thanks for stopping by today. Glad I came over to yours, what a sweet story..I'm still teary eyed. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. I, too, wrote about a sign from my deceased father-in-law today. It's very comforting to get these signs. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  3. How sad your father-in-law couldn't cough it up. My dad had trouble swallowing too and one it happened at a restaurant, he refused to go out to eat anymore after that. How cool that your little boy takes after his grandpa to help keep his memory alive for you.Visiting from Writer's Workshop.

  4. McGillicutty says:

    I wrote about a dream visit from a loved one too. How lovely that your son resembles him so closely. You never can tell how much time we'll have with the people we love….cherish each moment!!!

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