How To Get Your Toddler To Finish Their Dinner: Wordful Wednesday

Well, it was of course dinner time and our little Stinker decided he was hungry NOW and also wanted to feed himself.  Outstanding, he is 15 months old and it’s about time for him to start trying to eat with a utensil instead of his hands.   Needless to say he was also an absolute crab pants from getting his 15 month shots the same day. Whatever made him happy for 5 minutes was perfectly fine with me. All was going well and he was happy as a clam, squealing in delight, to be eatting with a spoon.
What a BIG BOY!!!
While I was finishing up our dinner I turned around because he was not just squesling but laughing hysterically. You know that belly laugh that is so darn cute it instantly makes you laugh too. This is what I found.

Although he was quite happy he had his own spoon, he found it even more entertaining to feed his dinner to the dog!!!  Like I have said before,  there just never is a dull moment in Modern Mama’s household. NEVER!!!
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