New and Upcoming: MomSimplicity & Much More

Happy New Year!

Every New Year brings about fresh starts, new opportunites and good change. So Modern Style Mama is going along for the ride. The first 6 months has been just the beginning, the stepping stones, and the overall framework. There has been ups and downs and a lot of learning along the way. I’m certain this year will bring many great ideas and new topics.
With that being said I’m going to give you a little hint to what’s to come.


Helping Modern Mama’s like yourself, “Stay Organized and Sane throughout the everyday chaos motherhood can bring.”

If your anything like myself I strive to stay organized but it can be difficult.  I like to have things all in one area, neat, and orderly.  Bit then I write a list and then another.  Things to do, what to buy, who has what & when, if someone is sick – what medicine did i give them-how much-and when was it given last. I sit back frustrated, wondering why I just can seem to keep it all straight.

That is why I recently created MomSimplicity.  You will find charts, check off lists, schedules, and planner to help manage and simplify your everyday life.  All will be free for you to print at your convenience. 

Below is a list of what’s to come and in the works. 

Daily Planner                                 Baby Registry Checklist
Weekly Planner                              Daily Baby Record
Monthly Planner                            Trying to Conceive Daily Record
Grocery List                                  Babysitter Notes
Medication Record                        Behavior/Responsibility Charts
Vacation Checklist                         Party Planner, Checklist
Medical Release Form

There is a little something for everyone.

Mental Notes for Mommy

 I have learn many things through trial and error.  Something may happen and I say “Make a mental note of that for next time.”

Every Thursday there will be a new Mental Note to share for the week.  And what’s even better is that everyone will have the chance to add their mental note for the week.  It will be a fun way to share something we learned or learned from for the week.  It can be something new, funny, serious, or a tip you would love to share with the rest us who are trying to do our best to survive everyday life. 

Mommy Insight – Question & Answer

Do you have a mommy question you would love to gain insight on?  Well soon you will have your chance. 
 Every Monday you will have your chance to ask any question related to motherhood you want.  Whether it’s about Trying to Conceive, pregnancy, or how to get your child of your bed at night.  You can ask and we will get the answers.  Not just the textbook answers, it will be the real deal.  From REAL mothers, who have been there and know first hand what your going through. 
A post with your question and all the answers will be made on the next Wednesday.  Obviously depending on the amount of requests your question may not be posted the very next Wednesday.  You will receive an email when it’s your turn. 

All of these great new topics are still in the making and more details will be coming within the next couple of weeks.

I hope everyone is looking forward to all these new topics as much as I am.  I do believe they will be a great addition to Modern Style Mama!     
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3 Responses to New and Upcoming: MomSimplicity & Much More

  1. Great post! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Following yours now, too!

  2. Now this looks helpful! I am looking forward to all of that! I am a follower now too!

  3. Theta Mom says:

    Sounds like a plan! I love anything organization, so it all looks fantastic! And thanks so much for stopping by Theta Mom, glad you did because now I know where to find you!

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