Mental Notes for Mommy…Don’t Underestimate Where Your 3 yr old Will Hide

I have learn many things through trial and error or heck just by
simply living my life. Something may happen and I say
“Make a mental note of that for next time.”

Every Wednesday there will be a new Mental Note for Mommy.

Just a fun way to share something we learned and certainly don’t want to forget. It can be something new, funny, serious, or a tip we would love to share with the rest the mamas out there who are trying to do our best to survive the chaos of everyday life.

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Mental Note for Mommy…

Don’t Underestimate Where Your 3 yr old Will Hide 

Curious, aren’t you??!!
Now, I’m not saying this couldn’t happen with girls by any means but my boys have found themselves in the most rediculous situations.

So I was doing work on the computer and my boys were playing along with our neighbors in my home. I realized I didn’t hear my 2nd child (Poo). I figured he was just playing in the basement with our neighbors, where all the toys are. After a few more minutes I still didn’t hear him. The kids came up from the basement but Poo didn’t. So then I asked “Is Poo down there?” and the answer was NO.
So I decided to go upstairs to see if he was playing in his room. Nothing! Now I was getting a little nervous. Where is he??!! I searched under, inside, and on top of everything. Garage, bathrooms, under beds, in closets, in the basement, laundry room, front yard, back yard, and even in the car.
You would laugh at the places I looked. The dryer, the oven, cabinets, you name I looked.
How could he have gotten outside? I was working on the computer on the same level as all the doors to the outside. My dog even went nuts at the down a few minutes before. (Typical) But what if he got outside and someone took Poo and that’s why our dog was going crazy!!!
I searched again and had the other children helping me. I was starting to just about PANIC!!! Is he stuck somewhere unconsious?! Why do I ask this? Because he is a 3 year old boy who likes to climb and work his way through anything. We all were yelling “POO WHERE ARE YOU, COME OUT!!!”
I was a second away from calling my husband and telling him our son was seriously missing.

Then we found him!!!  WHERE WAS HE??!!
You will never guess where my 3 year old son was.
In our main level bathroom, looking as though he just woke up!!!
How could I have missed him? Well, first of all the light was off. Second, it is a small  bathroom. If you open the door you see everything right away. Well so I thought.
He was laying on the floor in a ball on the right side of the toilet.
He was hiding and FELL ASLEEP!!!

I tell you, BOYS!!! Like I have said before, there never is a dull moment in my home.
Oh and just so you can laugh a little more, even though he is potty trained he had a little accident while he was sleeping on the bathroom floor. I think that is what actually woke him up, not my yelling his name.
What was just about 5 minutes felt like a lifetime. What a horrible feeling that was. HORRIBLE! But at least my story turned out well. Now I can write this one down in the book of rediculous things my children have done to turn my hair grey.

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