Cherish Yesterday, LIVE TODAY, and Dream Tomorrow!

To all my loyal readers I thought is was important to let you all know. As you may know I do tend to post regularly.  Usually Monday through Friday, on the weekends, occassionally.  But some weeks it may only be 3-4 posts.This week may be a bit scattered. 

My husband had surgery very unexpectedly on Saturday. It has been scary, overwhelming, and chaotic since Saturday am.  He is doing pretty good but is still in the hospital.  He needed his appendix out.  Thankfully an organ we all can live without!  But what started as mild belly pain turned into YOU NEED SURGERY NOW.  He waited too long and it got really bad.  But the GREAT news is they were able to take care of it and he is slowly on the mend.
It truly makes you stop and think about life.  Where you are, what your doing and what’s really important.  I know they do surgeries like this all the time but a surgery is in fact a surgery.  And even the most routine uncomplicated surgery can become complicated.
 As I watched them wheel him away my heart sank.  It was out of my hands.  Nothing I could do or say would even help, let alone make it all go away. The thoughts that ran through my head.

 What if this is the last time, did I kiss him, or tell him I loved him
 more than anything in this entire world enough times?

A surgery that’s usually takes 30 minutes but sometimes can take 90, took 90 minutes.  What a horrible feeling.  Sitting there waiting to see what is to come.   Don’t get me wrong I am quite an optimistic person.  But you do hear the stories of the families that weren’t so lucky!  REALITY does set in a bit. Many things just didn’t matter as much anymore.   As I held his wedding band tightly in my hand, waiting, and hoping he would be ok.  I knew he would but the unknown possiblities leave you helpless.  Thank goodness he is here with me.  Even with it being really bad and complicated it turned out well.  The same husband that hates to listen to me tell him what to do.  Even when he knows I am right.  He is still here to be a little stubborn and  for once I can just sit back and smile. 

Life is too short.
Cherish Yesteday, LIVE today, and Dream Tomorrow. 
Most importantly,
LIVE Today, in the moment, & appreciate what you have!!! 
You never know what tomorrow will hold. 
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1 Response to Cherish Yesterday, LIVE TODAY, and Dream Tomorrow!

  1. That is so scary – life is precious… Glad to hear that he is on the mend. May the rest of your week be serene. ~ Renee

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