Update & Mental Notes for Mommy

I have learn many things through trial and error or heck just by
simply living my life. Something may happen and I say
“Make a mental note of that for next time.”
And what’s even better is that everyone will have the chance to add their mental note for the week. It will be a fun way to share something we learned and certainly don’t want to forget. It can be something new, funny, serious, or a tip you would love to share with the rest us who are trying to do our best to survive the chaos of everyday life. It can be just a mental note but we would love to hear the story behind it!!!
Share your Mental Note of the Week!!! 
Comment below and leave your Mental Note for Mommy.  


Mental Notes for Mommy…

Make Sure to have a backup plan! Technology is Wonderful, until it falls apart!!!

I have to say it is amazing how much technology has changed over the years.  The means of communicating with others has skyrocketed into a whirlwind of technology. Cellphones, text messages, laptops, emails, facebook, and most recently tweets. I have noticed more recently doctor’s offices and now even the hospitals record everything on computers.  CHARTS NO MORE.  Don’t get me wrong it definitely has alot of positive aspects to it.  They won’t even give you medication in the hospital without scanning the barcode on your wristband first.  But what if it all goes down, then what.
I learned the hard way.  My computer just stopped working.  So know what? I am home taking care of three kids and a husband recovering from surgery.  I can’t leave but I can’t access the internet to update anything either.  What about all the documents I have been working on? Talk about going into panic mode.  Thankfully all is well and it is up and working today!!!  I told my husband we need a backup driver so if I’m not so lucky next time, at least I have it all saved somewhere else.
So have no fear, Modern Style Mama has not fallen off the face of the earth.  She just had a few technical difficulties!

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1 Response to Update & Mental Notes for Mommy

  1. Shell says:

    I panic thinking about something happening to my computer.

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