Friday Favorites: Sugar Pie Chic Retro Vintage Aprons

Friday Favorites

Each Friday I will post a new “MUST HAVE” product.

They will be products that help simplify life, are of excellent quality, and are of course New Chic & Trendy Products to have. 

I do love to help promote the next New and Upcoming Mom-prenuer Shops too.  So don’t be surprised to see products you’ve never seen before. 

There will be a variety of products ranging from baby/children products, to products for around the home, and last but certainly not least products just for mommy herself.  Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we can’t still love the next best thing in Beauty and Style ladies!!! 

Today’s “Must HAVE” Product:


Believe it or not I have never owned an apron.  Not because I haven’t wanted one, I just have never taken the time to really look around and buy one.  As you know I do love to find Chic products that not only will make my life a little easier but will also look great as well.  Sugar Pie Chic Retro Vitage Aprons are fabulous.  Something I just came across in my fellow Mom-prenuer world and I absolutely LOVE!

She has three different Styles in several patterns.
My Favorite Patterns are:
URBAN CHIC HALF APRON – Amy Butler Lotus Half
URBAN CHIC APRON – Amy Butler Lotus
RETRO CHIC APRON – Michael Miller Woodland Delight Large Modern Flora Pink 
Sugar Pie Chic’s Description:

My vintage inspired and Retro chic aprons evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. I use flirty fabrics in vibrant colors which create enchanting aprons that meet the challenges of today’s woman while treasuring the past!
While design is important, quality also matters. My aprons are made from 100% cotton designer fabric and are made to last. Double-stitching on stress points and quality materials make these aprons not only pretty but durable and made for work.

Sugar Pie Chic is the Featured Mom-preneur at Tip Junkie Community this week!!!

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