10 Things I CAN Live Without during WINTER

1) A toddler who is not sleeping well
2) Runny Noses
3) Coughing – To the point of Gagging and then the Vomit that comes next
4) Sneezing like a Volcano has Erupted – seriously snot that comes out in bubbles and flies down to my child’s chin
5) Holding a Nebulizer to my child’s face every 4 hours for 3 plus days because his lungs are full of junk and he is wheezing like crazy
6) High fever (103.8 to be exact) to the point your child does nothing but want to lay on his bear where ever he is. Table, floor, couch, and most of the time, me of course.
7) Visiting the Doctor’s office 4 times within a Week
8) Double Ear Infection
9) Pneumonia
10) RSV

All 10 things I have dealt with in the past 4 days after my 18 month old already had a cold for 10 days prior.  Spring PLEASE come soon!!!

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3 Responses to 10 Things I CAN Live Without during WINTER

  1. Shell says:

    Oh, no! We had to use that nebulizer thing on my middle son the winter he was 18 months. It was AWFUL.C'mon, spring!

  2. Christy says:

    awww, poor baby. I hope your child feels better soon!visiting from SITS

  3. Erin W says:

    I hear you!!! I have three girls and when one gets sick well its like a hospital here- yuck. I can't not WAIT for spring!!! Stoppin by from sits~ love your blog!!!

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