Mental Notes for Mommy…Don’t be Surprised What People will Say…

I have learn many things through trial and error or heck just by
simply living my life. Something may happen and I say
“Make a Mental Note of that for next time.”

Don’t be surprised how open others are, even strangers, to telling you their opinion on how many children you should have.

Oh how this totally annoys me.  I know I shouldn’t let what others say affect me but I can’t help it.  We do live in the USA and as we all know we have freedom of speech but people keep you opinions to yourself!!! 

I was talking to someone the other day and the question came up, “Am I done having children?”  My response as always was, “I’m not ready to completely say I am done having children.  Some days I feel I would love to have one more but right now we are content with 3.”

Well, the response I got after that was totally unexpected and frankly quite annoying to say the least.

“Your hands are full with three boys.  Do you want try one more time for a girl?  Well, you know there is no guarentee it won’t just be another boy.  You should just count your blessing you have 3 healthy children.  The world is overpopulated enough.”

I am typically a very friendly person but I really wanted to hit her upside the head.  But instead I just smiled and kept me mouth shut. 

This is not the first time other people have made inappropriate comments to me. 
Two that come to mind are:
A distant Aunt told me I should keep a plug in it. Thankfully I did say to her very nicely,  I didn’t need to because I chose to have and wanted my 3 boys. 
And I have also been told when I was unable to make it to a function due to my baby being sick, “That maybe it was time to keep my legs closed.”  LOVELY RIGHT!!!

I just don’t understand what people are thinking when they say stuff like that.  They are of course entitled to there own personal opinion but last I checked my decisions don’t affect them in any way.  It’s my life, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! 🙂

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3 Responses to Mental Notes for Mommy…Don’t be Surprised What People will Say…

  1. ♥ Katinka says:

    Stopping by from SITS 🙂 Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

  2. I hate it when people just say whatever rude thing they are thinking! I have a blonde and a brunette daughter somtimes strangers ask me if they are both mine? It drives me crazy. they are both mine but if they were'nt it's not like I am going to tell a starnger my whole life story.. Your blog is way cute.

  3. Come up with a pat answer like, "Well, actually we are shooting for 15!"

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