The Nap Nanny – Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
Each Friday I will post a new “MUST HAVE” product
They will be products that help simplify life, are of excellent quality, and are of course New Chic & Trendy Products to have. 

I do love to help promote the next New and Upcoming Mom-prenuer Shops too.  So don’t be surprised to see products you’ve never seen before. 
There will be a variety of products ranging from baby/children products, to products for around the home, and last but certainly not least products just for mommy herself.  Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we can’t still love the next best thing in Beauty and Style ladies!!! 

Today’s “Must HAVE” Product:

The Nap Nanny

What a fabulous product.  I only wish I new of this product when my boys were babies.  All 3 had reflux and I am certain the Nap Nanny would have been an essential MUST HAVE.  After talking to moms who either purchased the Nap Nanny or were debating on whether or not to, I came to a general consensus.

– It’s light weight (3lbs) &Portable
– The Nap Nanny has a great recliner designed which helps comfort improves sleep for babies with colic, reflux, gas, colds & ear infections. Overall, the biggest majority purchased it for babies with refux or colic. 
– It has has 30 degree angle and a harness making sure your baby sleeps safely & securely.
– The Nap Nanny also has a waterproof liner, which protects the inner foam.

It’s expensive ($125)

Although the Nap Nanny comes with a bit of a price tag, those who have purchased it say it is worth EVERY single penny.

 “When you have a fussy, uncomfortable baby the pricetag doesn’t matter.  IT’S more than WORTH IT!” 
Purchase the Nap Nanny today!
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