I Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program…

I interrupt the regularly scheduled program…

To get back on track.

I have been having some issues with Modern Style Mama.  My apologies to all.  Email subscribers either haven’t received updates or updates are all at different times.  I have also had a couple winners of giveaways say the never received their winner confirmations. (Which upsets me very much!)
I have promised New and Upcoming things that I really need and want to get up and running.

Have you even felt like you have a vision but then it doesn’t exactly go as planned?  Or that you have a million great ideas but none of them seem to get the attention they deserve? 

Well that’s me.  I want to give my readers everything but have gotten a bit lost in the process.  So I am refocusing and getting things working properly this week.  So please bare with me and stick around.

  I PROMISE you WON’T be disappointed!
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2 Responses to I Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program…

  1. Chacoy says:

    that's very unfortunate, we all have our bad ones eh? i hope it all works out the way that you see it in your head-teehee;}i'm not going anywhere!

  2. Oh man…can't totally relate to technical difficulties…your readers will understand! Thanks for your thoughtful comment at POM the other day…man I totally relate to what you said and to your blogging frustrations and challenges! I LOVE your blog though…will be following!http://thepursuitofmommyness.com/

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