How Do You Deal with a "Strong Willed" Child?

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Today’s Q & A is a little different. 
 Because I am the one asking the question and looking for answers. 
I do love my oldest son but I seriously want to throw him out the window or put a muzzle on him sometimes. Where did my sweet little boy go? He is goofy, caring, sensitive, can still be sweet when he wants to, and is way to smart for his own good.  The sweetness then turns into talking back and being oh so fresh.  And when things don’t go his way sometimes, he can have one heck of a meltdown.
I do use time out and if he is really misbehaving he gets sent to his room.  The good thing is he does actually stay put but certainly not quietly.  He gets so angry.  He screams and sometimes makes a mess of his room.  He slams his door and even kicks it sometimes.  That’s the part that is so frustrating.  I try so hard to “respond” to his behavior, instead of “react.”   It takes all there is in me not to totally flip out of him sometimes.  Thankfully he does evenually calm down after a few minutes.  The part that baffles me is that he comes downstairs acting completely normal, as if nothing happened.  Seriously, are you kidding me??!!  
OMG!!!  Whoever said the “Terrible Two’s” or “Thrilling Three’s” were bad, was wrong. 
My pediatrician hit the nail on the head,
“THE F’ING Four and Five’s!!!”

Todays Question:

How do you deal with a “Strong Willed” child,
 who also has his far share of pretty rediculous meltdowns?
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1 Response to How Do You Deal with a "Strong Willed" Child?

  1. GlowinGirl says:

    Oh, dear. My oldest is very strong-willed. We tried many ways to "deal" with his temper. It really boils down to consistency over time. He's 10 now. It does get better if you keep on keepin' on, you know? Discipline and love like you mean it. Follow through with what you say is going to happen if he doesn't listen. Look for ways to compliment him when he does what's right. That's what we did.Give him techniques for self-soothing (deep breathing, hugging pillows, etc.)And hugs! It will get better!

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