Just an Ordinary Day with a Nice Title

“Mother’s Day”

A beautiful day in paradise to celebrate how fantastic I am.
A day all the kiddos get along and play nicely.
There is no crying or whining allowed.
I get to sleep in and have breakfast made for me.
No cleaning involved or laundry to be done. 
A simple day with lots of peace and quiet.
What a fabulous day in paradise it was NOT.  It was just an ordinary day with a really nice title. Well not a typical day but that’s beside the point.  Thankfully, I really didn’t have any expectations.  I would have loved to lay in bed a few minutes longer.  But the boys had something else planned. 
Here was my text to all my girlfriends at 11am in the morning…
Happy Mother’s Day!!! A mornin filled with a fight, a bite, n a fall down the stairs.  Apparently mommy doesn’t even get a break on Mothers day! Cheers!
I woke to screaming in the bedroom.
Big B decided he would wake up Little B because he was apparently scared.
Somehow Little B just decided to BITE him for no reason!

We went downstairs and I was welcomed by this.
Yes, it’s SNOW.  Nothing like living in the great state of NY.  On Wednesday it was a beautiful, sunny 85 degree day and by Sunday it was only 38.  What a joy!
 I will say I did have a pot a coffee made for me, which is always grand.  I need and love my coffee first thing in the morning. The boys gave me their adorable cards.  Big B made a really sweet one at school. 
After I barely finshed my coffee Baby B decided he wanted to fall half way down the stairs.  Needless to say he is perfectly capable of walking up and down them on regular basis.  What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
I regret to say that the rest of my day wasn’t as entertaining.  Although, there wasn’t exactly any peace and quiet either.  A whole lot of crankiness mixed with some laughter.   
And at the end of the day mommy was still smiling
with a great big glass of wine in hand. 
Hope you all had a Fabulous Mother’s Day!!! 🙂

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2 Responses to Just an Ordinary Day with a Nice Title

  1. Erin Wallace says:

    Mother's Day was nice – my husband watched the toddler so that I could spend some time on my own, but when it came time for me to pick DEAL as we never eat out) I couldn't decided so everyone started fighting about where I wanted to go. Typical day at home!

  2. cheri says:

    oh, dont we all love some me-time on our special day? but what's a typical day in a mom's life without all that excitement?shuttling in from SITS 🙂

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