Pregnancy Notes

Entry #2: Week 8-9

We had our very first sonogram on Friday.  As you can see the baby is still very small and just looks like a white fuzzy blob inside the black uterus.  We did get to see the fluttering heartbeat, it was 160 bpm.  YAY!!!  What a relief it was.  You would think that with this being my fourth baby (fifth pregnancy) it would be a piece of cake.  Absolutely not.  I was so anxious and couldn’t wait for the sonogram for a chance to see the heartbeat.  It is still simply amazing.  I got all choked up.   
Our due date is February 10th (LMP) but may change.  We weren’t sure when we actually conceived but knew it would be between the 10th and 21st.   I was 8 weeks and 1 day according to my last menstrual cycle.  The baby was measuring more like 7 weeks.  We will see as baby gets bigger.  
We are getting excited.  His/her 3 big brothers are so happy to have a new baby on the way.    Everyone is anxiously waiting to see if this little bundle of joy is a girl or boy.    We didn’t know with our first or second.  I had to know with Jake, our third.  Hubby doesn’t want to know so we will see.  I do have to say not knowing does give you a little extra surprise on delivery day. 
Everything is going great.  The lovely nausea showed it’s ugly head last Monday.  Even though I don’t exactly look forward to it, I know it’s a good sign.  Thankfully this time around it is mild compared to my first two pregnancies.  I couldn’t eat a thing for the first 13 weeks with them.  It is very tolerable and I can actually eat. 
Tired doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel most days. And I have to admit I am a bit more cranky at times to say the least.  I just take it day by day and embrass it the best I can.  Only three or four more weeks and it will be a distant memory.   
It is kind of funny.  I never really had any specific cravings with my first three.  But that has changed with baby number four!

M&M pretzels – oh how they are so so good.
Texas Caviar/Bean salad – a little tangy mixed with a little sweetness.  Umm! 
Veggies & Dip
So that’s it for know.  Just a little look into the life of a 
Pregnant Mama’s Journey,
 The 4th Time Around.
 BabyFruit Ticker
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3 Responses to Pregnancy Notes

  1. CONGRATS! and congrats on your first picture of the youngest member of your family :)That is great your morning sickness is mild, hopefully it will stay like that.I hate the crankies…. I hope that passes soon :)ENJOY

  2. Shell says:

    Congrats!Veggies and dip? At least you are being healthy!

  3. Jennifer says:

    So exciting!! I remember the hearing the first matter how many kids you have, it is still amazing. Wow…on your fourth?? Not sure I am even ready for a 3rd! Congrats to you and your family 🙂

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