Blissfully Domestic

I am very excited to inform you all that I am officially a  

It is a great community of supportive women.  I am so flattered and thankful they have excepted me into fabulous community.  My very first article “Ending The Dreaded Bedtime Battles” was published Tuesday July 6th.  Stop by Blissfully Domestic and see all they have to offer.  You will simply LOVE IT!

 A quote from Blissfully Domestic:  
“It is our ultimate goal that you find something here at Blissfully Domestic that speaks to you as a woman and helps you on your journey though life. Sometimes its messy, sometimes its clean, sometimes it offers amazing treasures, and sometimes it scares us to death; but, we are all going in the same direction. Let’s go there together.”  
“We believe in the amazing power and strength in our voices as women. Blissfully Domestic strives to encourage, connect, empower and bless all the writers and readers together.”

To learn more about their philosophy and purpose go to:
Blissfully Domestic Editorial Philosophy
About Blissfully Domestic

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