Celebrating Do Good Day July 14th!

American Eagle has just recently launched a new children’s clothing line called 77Kids , throughout the country.  In celebration of their new line 77Kids has created an amazing
Do Good Day Campaign.  

The Do Good Day is on Wednesday July 14th.  11 different cities around the country will participate in giving back through random acts of love, goodness and kindness throughout their community.  

How fabulous is that!  Just wait, it gets better. 77Kids teamed up The Motherhood to get 7 local blogger and their families, within each of the 11 cities, to help pay in forward and spread simply acts of kindness.  I am apart of the Syracuse Team and am honored to be one of bloggers participating.  I truly enjoy any opportunity to give back and help others who are going through a time of need.  

77kids Do Good Day will take place in:

Cherry Hill, NJ
Danbury, CT
Los Angeles
Minnapolis, MN
New York City
Syracuse, NY
Washington DC/Baltimore

In each city there is a specific location where 77 Kids will have a YUM Mobile with great treats for children.  Mom bloggers will be giving away goodies to help the community spread the love and find ways they can give back in their own lives.  Each blogger team has also put together a fabulous project to help give back and pay it forward in their community that same day.

Are you interested in learning  more?  Why not jump on in and celebrate the Do Good Day on Wednesday July 14th, by finding ways you can give back in your community? 

Stop by The Motherhood Circle  to see what each individual city is doing to Pay It Forward and also find out if there is a location near you.

It is going to be a truly exciting 
and memorable day for us all.  

On Thursday July 15th, I will post about our fantastic Do Good Day and allow anyone to link up with what they did, simple or big, to give back to their community.  

The Motherhood

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3 Responses to Celebrating Do Good Day July 14th!

  1. Hi! I am from Team Minnesota!! This is going to be so much fun!Great post!

  2. I'm part of the MN team too – can't wait to feel the excitement of the 77 of us doing good!

  3. Jen Archer says:

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