Back To School Transition & Back to Blogging

Summer is officially over and it’s time to get back to our normal daily grind.

It’s the First Day Back to School here in the great New York State.  Is it terrible for me to say “Hooray!?”  I always look forward to summer but when fall is right around the corner and school begins, we are always ready.  Well, I am anyway.  It’s about time I get back to my regularly scheduled blogging program.

So two of my little guys are going to school this year.  CJ is now in kindergarten and Parker is starting Pre-K.  Although my boys are still at the age of being excited for school, a little bit of nerves and anxiety can creep up when the day finally arrives.

Here are a few great ways to help your children transition from home to school…

Set the tone of what your daily routine will be like a few days prior to school beginning.  Especially when it comes to bedtime and waking up in the morning.

Avoid rushing around in the morning.  Allowing you and your children enough time to wake up, have breakfast, get dressed, and have a few minutes to relax will start the day off well.

Establish a routine at home.  Give your child/children enough warning that it’s time to stop what they are doing and get ready to leave.

Be confident and hide your own emotions until after you seperate from your child.  This shows them you are confident they will be okay without you and they will have fun at school.

If your child is attending Pre-K.  

Don’t sneak out.  Calmly tell them you are leaving and you will be back soon to pick them up.  They may not be happy about this part.  Don’t negotiate with them or continue to repeat yourself.  It will only prolong your departure and possibly make matters worse.

Go!  You might not like this part and that’s okay.  Leaving your child for the first time may be hard on you also.  In order for your child to transition successfully to school they need to stay and you have to leave.  With time, a routine will be established.  Your child will evenually understand they will have fun without you and you will in fact be back.

Have a great new school year!!!

I know we will.  Although, it shall be interesting in February when I’m carting everyone around three days a week with a newborn.

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