Pregnancy Notes: 20 Weeks

Diary of A Pregnant Mama’s Journey the 4th Time Around

WOOHOO, I’m halfway there!

We had our 20 wk Sonogram on Tuesday.  As far as I know everything looked well.  It’s a…

Going to be a SURPRISE!  Daddy wants it to be a surprise and I did agree.  This is our last little one and it will give me even more to look forward to on delivery day.  I honestly have no feeling of this little bundles gender.  I just knew my first two were boys and my third I was totally wrong when I really thought he was a girl the first 20 weeks.  I will say I tried to look in between the legs during the sono but wasn’t able to see anything.  That doesn’t mean a darn thing though.  It’s hard to get a clear idea unless they really do such for it.  
My baby bump is definitely finally evident and I don’t just look like I’ve gained a few pounds.  
Please excuse the extra chairs and bins in the background.  Mama’s on a mission to do some fall cleaning and organizing.  We are also in desperate need of a couple extra chairs and on the lookout for ones that actually match.  I really wanted a new table but if you’re a mom to several boys you will understand when I say, “What the heck is the point of buying something new for them to beat up within the first two seconds of it arriving into the house.”   
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2 Responses to Pregnancy Notes: 20 Weeks

  1. Congrats on hitting the 20wk mark. I found your blog through blogfrog! I'm 18wks with my 3rd I will definitely be following your journey.

  2. Karen says:

    Congrats on making it to the halfway point!! I've hopped here from Blog Frog, SITS to say congrats on having raised so much money for breast cancer!!! Oh yea, and I soooo understand the table thing! Our coffee table is most definitely not pretty, but I'm waiting another year to replace it for the same reason! :>

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