A New Outlook for a Whole New Year…2011

A New Year, A New Outlook

It’s 2011 and boy does time fly by.  I began blogging in the summer/fall of 2009.   I was looking for an outlet, a way to connect and share with other moms.  I started out strong in the posting department and then slowed down. I learned that blogging in itself has a huge learning curve and it can get a bit overwhelming.  Why are you doing this?  Where to start?  How to reach out to others?  What is popular, overindulged, or different/interesting?  

I tried different things some worked, others didn’t.  I jumped in full force and evenually was on overload.  I haven’t really regularly posted in quite a few months.  I got lost along the way with all the hype and feeling of trying to compete.  Wondering how I could actually generate income and get more followers.   

Getting pregnant didn’t exactly help.   A whole new stress of how we will do it financially?  Will I really be able to manage 4 children, when the 3 I have can be a handful already?  This pregnancy has been a bit different.  I have felt a bit lost, and even a little down.  I’m sure it’s just a mixture of things but it has been rough some days.   Throw all that together and working on my blog was just set aside. I truly enjoyed blogging and the interaction with other women. 

But it’s NOW officially 2011 and I’m ready for a whole new outlook.  A refreshing start.  

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