Bringing 4 Kids Out Alone Can Very Well Equal Chaos

At some point, bringing 4 Kids Out Alone Can Very Well Equal a whole lot of chaos.
Oh how I despise the moments when your children do something embarrassing or totally inappropriate in public.  If you are a mom, I know you can feel my pain.  In those moments I want to scream out loud, “Calgon Take Me Away! PLEASE!!!”

What seemed to be a very good Monday morning for our household turned into two children sent to their rooms  in very big trouble by 11:30am.  WHY?!  We picked my 4 year old up from his Pre-K class as usual.  He was hoping we would be going to our favorite store Target.  As you can imagine he was quite disappointed when my answer was no. As we walked out of the school DS2 decided he would just hightail it out of there and not look back.  I yelled his name and he didn’t listen.  I’m standing there holding onto my 2 year old’s hand while also holding the baby carrier in the other.  We thankfully caught up to him and we discussed it was not okay.  Woohoo, we avoided a child from being run over!!!
I then decide to hold his hand because he was still being crabby.  I ask my other two boys to hold hands and finish walking to the car.  We literally are about four cars away from ours on the opposite side when my 2 year old decides to let go and run to the car.
 Obviously that’s never okay but it’s a lot worse when a car comes flying around the corner.
I yell his name and as I hear a women next to me say “OH NO!”  Thank goodness the car stops.  Avoidance of another child being hit!!!  REALLY, are you kidding me!  Now don’t I just look like the crazy mom who doesn’t have control of her kids.  I know in hight sight we have been in and out of that school a hundred times and they have all listened well but it doesn’r make it any better.  
 Like I said the two trouble makers got sent to their room for an early nap.  And we are now back to using the double stroller to at least strap one of them down.   
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