Giving Moms & Babies A Healthy Start and The Chance To Thrive

Many people say that everyone has a purpose in life, a calling.  Something that we are drawn to and have a true passion for.  I do believe I have found mine.  I have a true passion for Pregnancy and Childbirth.  I love every aspect of it all.  I believe every mother is blessed to have a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and deliver healthy babies.  What seems like so natural and simple, isn’t for many.  I can be difficult and challenging to many women, especially to those who live in developing countries.

I was fortunate to have grown up in a middle class family.  I always had everything I needed to thrive and live a healthy life.  I have been blessed with four healthy pregnancies, births, and four healthy children.  I feel like it is so important to give every mother and child a chance to live a healthy life.

So my mission it to do whatever I can to help those who are less fortunate than I.  To help mothers and babies get a healthy start and have the chance to thrive.  

To do exactly that, I have begun working on

The Mama Bambini PROJECT
Saving the Lives of Mothers and Babies Around The World

More info about The Mama Bambini Project to follow tomorrow, Wednesday June 8th.

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1 Response to Giving Moms & Babies A Healthy Start and The Chance To Thrive

  1. Yes there are so many things that can go wrong. I admire what you are doing!

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