Calgon Take Me Away…Far Away

Oh my goodness.  Oh how I despise these days.  You know the days when you want to pull your hair out and you seriously might lose your mind in about two seconds.

Well we were away last weekend and the three older boys stayed at Nana’s house.  Hubby and I had to go out of town for a funeral.  We took the baby and he was a champ.  Well, except for the part that he pooped 5 times in about 3 hours while on the ride home.  He had his shots a few days before.  I swear the liquid vaccination for rotovirus gave his a little of the virus.  His poops were messy, very yellow, and had a bit more stink to them.  It was similar to when my two older boys actually got the virus, but theirs was a lot worse.

Anyway, we got home Sunday to hear the boys didn’t nap over the weekend and were up pretty early both days.  It was to be expected but I knew what was coming – VERY CRANKY kids.  To my surprise they weren’t that bad on Sunday.  They all were happy we were home and it was a pretty pleasant Father’s Day for us.  Monday came and back to the normal school routine for four more days.  They were excited because it was the final days of school and that meant lots of fun.

Then, Tuesday morning came and they were all exhausted.  The CRANKY kids were in full force.  They started fighting the very second they all woke up.  Then the whining began and it was all downhill from there.  By lunch the meltdowns over nothing began.  We were now at grandma’s.  She was watching the younger boys so I could go to Bubba’s school for a party.   Bubba got upset because we didn’t get the right juice boxes for his class.  I can’t even remember what Boo Chicken and Pooh were crying about.  I was annoyed and cranky myself at that point.  It was officially going to be an early naptime.  When I announced that it was time for bed Pooh, who is usually my calm and easiest one, was not happy.  I put him to bed, walked out, and heard a crash.   I walked into the room and lying on the floor was a broken lamp. In his madness, Pooh threw his bear, which of course had to hit the lampshade.  FANTASTIC!   I just about lost it at that point.  I wanted to scream CALGON TAKE ME AWAY.  Well actually I think I did!  Thankfully they all took very long, much needed naps, and we had a fun afternoon of swimming.

Oh, how I despise those moments in time.  I was so angry and embarrassed over everyone’s behavior.

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