Wordful Wednesday: Visiting Grandpa

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Wordful Wednesday
Grandpa We Miss You

A few times a year we bring the boys to visit their grandpa.  As you can see not in the way many get to visit.  We have planned to stop by more often and even have a summer picnic there this summer.  
One of the unfortunate things we come across in life is losing a loved one.  I still have issues with death.  I don’t like it and We all know at some point in our lives it will happen.  But some pass far too soon.  My father-in-law passed far too soon 7 years ago very unexpectedly.  Even now I am still quite sad and disappointed because my children will never now him.  He was a second father to me and I know he would LOVE that we had 4 beautiful boys.  I could see him now running around grandma’s backyard chasing after them.  Oh how it makes my heart sad.  
I don’t practice any specific religion but I am very much spiritual.  The one thing I hold onto is that I truly believe he has given us the gift of life.  After trying for over a year, our oldest son was conceived pretty much to the day he passed.  I can remember like it was yesterday the night of his funeral.  I had a dream  with him and I sitting at a table.  He was holding my hand and without words i had a sense of calm and everything was going to be okay.  I woke in tears with an overwhelming feeling that I was pregnant.  A few weeks later I got my first ever positive pregnancy test.  9 months later I had a beautiful baby boy.  Now almost 7 years he is a spitting image of his grandpa as a child and has his personality too.  It’s crazy how life works.  I’m thankful everyday but truly miss him with all my heart.   
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