Parenting Pet Peeve

  Many parents walk around watching how others handle their kids in certain situations and make judgements.  They may stop and think to themselves “I can’t believe they are allowing their child to do or act like that!”  It’s human nature I guess. 

There is no surprise in the fact that we are all different. As individuals we have different personalities and life experiences. So how could we expect to parent our children in the same way? We can’t.  But that being said I do have a parenting pet peeve.  It’s really not about a person’s lack of parenting skills at all.

 What drives me absolutely crazy is when parents constantly talk about how GREAT their child is. 

 It’s completely normal to talk among family and friends about your children.  But there are certain parents who find the need to regularly boast about how FANTASTIC their child/children are at everything.   Seriously, like their child is so much better than everyone else.  You know what I mean. These particular parents are usually the ones rediculously yelling at their child or making comments about others on the soccer field sidelines.

Most of these parents aren’t wondering how your child is doing.  They don’t even think to ask.  If they happen to stop and ask, there is a big fat chance they are the ones that will follow with a comment like, “Oh she/he isn’t doing that yet?”  If they somehow don’t happen to say it they are definitely most likely thinking it.  What they don’t stop and think about is that sometimes it can make it seem like your child is inferior to theirs.   

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great to hear about how other people’s kids are doing. I am proud of my children and talk about it on occasion. But I don’t talk about it every single chance I get.  In excession it simply gets annoying. 

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