#1 Summer Survival Tip

It’s Summertime…The Kiddos Are Home 24/7…And It’s Hot Hot Hot!

Our #1 Way to Survive the Hot, sometimes LONG, Summer Days is…
Outdoor Fun in the Sun…WATERWORKS!

Waterworks is a term we use for 
anything to do with using or playing with water!

Water table, water guns, water balloons, water slides, water hopscotch (yes it has been invented, bought and purchased), sprinklers, hose fights, sponge toss, and last but certainly not least swimming in grandma’s pool.

 The boys have lots of fun and they cool off at the same time.  Mommy and daddy do too, on the occasion we join in to.  What’s even better is that after all the running/swimming around they all fall asleep quickly (usually early) and sleep exceptionally well.

For more great ideas, check out our Operation Summer: 10 Weeks of Summer Fun *– 10 recipes, 10 projects, and 10 activities to keep the kiddos busy this summer.

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  * Mama Kat Writers Workshop *

for more great posts. 

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