Common Symptoms of Infant Reflux Disease

Common Symptoms of GERD:
frequent spitting up or projectile vomiting, sometimes coming out of the nose
wet burps
Persistent hiccups or cough
Sudden bursts of painful crying during or after a feeding
Constantly wanting to eat or refusal to eat
arches neck & back (Sandifer syndrome), stiffens or screams while feeding or refuses to eat while still hungry
poor sleep habits typically with frequent waking (day and/or night)
poor weight gain, failure to thrive, or excessive weight gain
frequent red, sore throat without infection present
swallowing problems, gagging, choking
gagging themselves with their fingers or fist (sign of esophagitis)

Other possible symptoms:
excessive drooling
food/oral aversions
sinus congestion, frequent ear infections, or sinus infections
chronic hoarse voice
respiratory problems—pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma, night-time cough..

There are many common symptoms of acid reflux in infants. All babies are different. Some infants will show many symptoms and others will show just a few of the common symptoms. The number of symptoms a baby shows is not at all related to the severity of acid reflux he/she may be experiencing.

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