Savvy Mama Creations "In The Spotlight" – Bebe Bottle Sling

I love finding products that help simplify life, are of excellent quality,
 and are of course the next New Chic & Trendy Product “Must Have.” 

What enjoy even more is helping promote & support
Women and Moms alike, 
 who work very hard to create there own success.

Cherie Alexander, a engineer, designed the Bebe Bottle Sling.  She has a wonderful husband and is a mom of two. She designed this product as a sheer need for something to help feed her daughter in the morning while she was getting ready for work.   She tried propping a bottle while getting ready but as her daughter became more active it simply wasn’t working.  She knew there had to be a way to hold the bottle at the correct angle for the baby while ensuring that the common movements of the infant would not interfere with its use.  
After making it for herself, she realized that the bottle sling was quite handy to have at other times when she needed an extra hand. After regularly being stopped in public with people asking where she got it, she decided  to design the Bebe Bottle Sling for other parents.   As she states “I thought, I develop products for my employer … why not one for myself.”  

Product Features:
holds the bottle correctly ensuring the proper flow of milk/formula and preventing air from entering, which can cause stomach discomfort

works with ALL infant carseat handles including the ergonomically designed Evenflo handle

works with ALL bottle sizes and types

it’s compact – perfect for diaper bags

teaches babies how to hold the bottle

returns to position for active infants

promotes hand-eye coordination

entertains the baby and can hold toys

best of all – it is simple and easy to use!

*The Bebe bottle sling is NOT recommended for use in a moving vehicle.  Adult supervision REQUIRED.*

I know first hand how fabulous the Bebe Bottle Sling really is.  It has been a lifesaver for me!  While juggling the needs of four little ones and multitasking everyday chores at the same time, I was struggling.  It seemed like the baby was always hungry when I was out doing errands or trying to help one of the boys.  I felt like I needed another set of hands to get it all done and make everyone happy.  Finding the Bebe Bottle Sling brought a little bit of calmness into my life.  Even now as my little one is 6 months old.  The Bebe Bottle Sling allows him to practice holding his bottle, while having support.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped in the halls of preschool or in the middle Target.  I hear one of two things, “Where did you get that?” or “I wish I had something like that when my kids were babies.”  

 Stop by Bebe Bottle Slings * today!

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