All New Mondays – Mental Notes For Mommy

Every Monday starting next week, Expect an all NEW…

I have learn many things through trial and error or heck just by
simply living my life. Something may happen and I say
“Make a Mental Note of that for next time.”

It’s a fun way to share something I’ve learned or simply just don’t want to forget.  It may be something new I learned the previous week.  It may be funny, serious, something I never expected or a simply a tip I would love to share with the rest the mamas out there.  Why?  Because we are all trying to do our best to survive the chaos of everyday life. Frankly it’s nice to know we aren’t alone and have a little support to fall back on. 
**What’s even better…It’s not just going to be me! 
 Why not make it a link up party?!
I may have a lot of experience but I know that many other mamas out there do to. 
 So let’s share our knowledge & experience, while also supporting one another. 

Every Monday starting August 15th there will be a Mental Notes For Mommy Link up. Share your Mental Note of the Week!!! 

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