Wordful Wednesday: Family’s First Trip To An Amusement Park

We finally decided to take the plunge.  We couldn’t keep them inside against their will forever.  
It was time for 
Operation Summer Fun:
 Make an attempt at going on our first, family of six, trip to an amusement park. 
 With fingers crossed that all four children would cooperate, off we went.  I will add we had a little help.  Our 15 year old niece was by chance in town for 3 weeks, came with us.  (Technically we planned on going while she was visiting.)  Besides for only a couple potential for disaster moments, we survived.  We all had a fabulous time.  There were alot of happy little faces.

Kiddie Swings
 Fighter Planes
 Even an older brother taking care of his younger.
 Add in a little water fun!
Oh, you can’t forget the old fashion cars.

 Sweet little peanut, hanging out while his older brothers have some fun!

Even mommy had a little fun.
And Daddy too.
Our niece won PK his ultimate penguin. (He already had 8)
 It all leads up to Mommy and Daddy’s fabulous ride home! 
 Little Ones Sleeping Peacefully

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