For The Mama’s Who Have Boys…Mental Notes For Mommy

It’s The First Official Link Up!!!

I have learn many things through trial and error or heck just by
simply living my life. Something may happen and I say
“Make a Mental Note of that for next time.”

For all the mamas out there who have little boys,
Prepare yourself for the inevitable questions about you looking different from them.
Such as…
“Mommy, why is your penis so small?” 
Go ahead and laugh now!  Yes, I am a mama to 4 boys under 6 1/2 and I do need to take a shower on occasion.  And sometimes that means showering while they are all awake.  In turn, they all have seen me naked.  I have heard from other mothers that “My son will never see me naked.”  Well, if you can make that happen, bless you.  That just isn’t possible in my house.  Even if it was, I rarely get a chance to pee without a child watching over me. 
I will never forget the day I first heard the question as I got out of the shower.  CJ was 5 and he asked “Mommy why is your penis so small?”  Now please tell me, how do you answer that question?  I did pull the magical answer out of my hat, “That girls have different parts than boys.” Thankfully I wasn’t asked what my part was called.  I just wasn’t ready for my then 5 year to go around saying boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. 

I have recently been asked:
“Mommy do girls have their penis cut off when they are born?”
“Mommy do you pee out of your butt?”

I may have a lot of experience but I know that many other mamas out there do to. 
 So let’s share our knowledge & experience, while also supporting one another. 

Every Monday starting TODAY there will be a Mental Notes For Mommy Link up. Share your Mental Note of the Week!!! 

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