Say Bye Bye To The Binky…BinkyLand

Off To Binkyland They Go…

When our oldest son was three we finally said goodbye to his binky. We worried about getting rid of it since he was two. We didn’t do it at two because our second son was just born. Even our pediatrician said it wasn’t a good time.

We started talking about it to him more frequently when he was two and a half. He really didn’t respond. We would tell him when he turned three it would be time to give it away. The closer it got the more I was beginning to dread it. We have always restricted it to naptime and bedtime but he seemed really attached to it.

Once he turned three we began to tell him he was getting a little old for a binky and other new babies needed them. We came up with a story that there was a place called “Binkyland.”  We told him if he sent his binky to them in the mail they would send him a special gift back. Initially  he would  tell us he was “thinking about it.” Occasionally I would remind him about Binkyland and the special package he would get if he sent his binky away.

It had been a few weeks, and then all of a sudden one day he woke up from his nap and said he wanted to send his binky away. So, we packed up and went to the mall that evening.   We went to the Build-a-Bear store and let him pick out a new bear to sleep with. When we got home and we packaged his binky/binkies up. I let him color the box and tape it shut. My husband brought him outside to the mailbox and he put the box in himself. When it came to bedtime he did cry on and off for an hour or so.  He woke up and cried several times throughout the night. I ended up sleeping with him that night to help him get through.  Boy was he excited when he woke up the next morning. A special package was waiting for him on our doorstep.

After the first night he did wake up crying in the middle of the night sometimes.  Thankfully he would go back to sleep with reassurance. We also had about a week of his naps being off. I have to say that getting him to settle down and go to bed took a little more time than it use to but that improved with time. In the end he did way better than I could have imagined. I was prepared for a major battle. Our Binkyland plan was a success!

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