Mental Notes For Mommy…You WILL At Some Point Be "That Mom."

I have learn many things through trial and error or heck just by

simply living my life. Something may happen and I say
“Make a Mental Note of that for next time.”

You WILL at some point be “THAT MOM.”
The mom that has lost all patience and yells at her child or children in the middle of a store.  What about the mom whos child is having a complete meltdown out in public.  Oh yes, my dear mama.  Someday, at some point, it WILL be you.  
You know, “That Mom,” the one you have looked at and said “That will never be me.”  The mom that everyone either sympathizes with because they have so been there or looks at and thinks “She needs to get a grip and control her kids.”
You may very well be thinking I’m CRAZY!  Even though your kids misbehave at home they are pretty good in public, RIGHT!? 
I promise you, one day, you will be “That Mom” who is totally embarrassed, frustrated, angry, and wants to run far away and say that’s not my child.  In that moment, you will feel the pain of the mothers you have judged and think twice about it next time. 

One of my “That Mom” Moments:  Target trip Gone Bad
(Yes Mama, I do have a few.)
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