Moms Have Meltdowns To

Oh Yes, yes we do.  A “Mom Fail Moment”  when you have lost all patients and possibly lost your mind for a moment.  NOTE: If you’re already passing judgement, then my friend, it just hasn’t happened to you yet.  But it WILL happen to you!

Just the other day I was busy at work on the computer.  I probably should have been doing more things around the house and maybe even playing with my kids.  But at the time, blogging and making an attempt to start a small business to make a little extra money for the family, happened to be top priority.  Oh, I forgot to mention that my Lupus was flared up that morning and the baby didn’t sleep well at all the night before.  I was exhausted physically and just plain tired.  I’m not making excuses or anything.   
While in the midst of all of that, the fighting and arguing began.  
“Seriously! We have plenty of toys to go around and you to have to fight over the same one.”
I then hear, “Mommy can I have some candy or cookie?”  Yes the kids are still on a sugar high from our big birthday bash over the weekend.
“It’s only 10am so the answer is NO.”  More whining occurs and then the crying begins.  Off you go to time out…

All was well for a little while.  Everyone played nicely and even did some summer school review from our workbooks.  They all earned a little WII play time.  BUT…
Unfortunately, more arguing started.  The crying began once again.  WHY?  Because although we actually have four WII controllers, only 2 can be found.  One of which had no working batteries.  The one without batteries of course wasn’t ours.  Which only meant someone took ours home by mistake.  That’s not really a big deal except for the fact that another was lost a few months ago and never to be found.  Oh and NOW another was currently MIA.  
“That’s it.  You guys are done.  Your WII time is officially over.”  Which only leads to one thing…More Crying.
 I hear…
“Bu…Bu…Bu…Bu…But.”  “You’re Mean!”  “This is the worst day ever!”  “I have a horrible life!”  “So in so’s mommy is nicer and let’s them do anything they want.”
SERIOUSLY!  Come on people!  
That’s when I lost it. If you could have saw me I think steam very well may have been coming out of my ears and my face may have looked like a red balloon with way to much helium, about to explode.  
“I’ve had enough.  You all are spoiled little brats.  You don’t appreciate anything you have.  I am sick of all your complaining and crabbiness.  If you don’t like me or your life then go find a new mom.”  Oh let’s not forget slamming the door as I entered the bathroom to pee and felt horrible while doing so.   
More crying began and then silence.  I think they all realized it was a good time to be quiet and take mom seriously.  I actually did get apologies.  So did they.  Sweet!? Yes.  If only it all stayed that way and was resolved forever.  Not so much.    
And you all thought I was a Perfect mom?  Ha, I gotcha there. 
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